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RADIX is a PC program for the calculation and analysis of horoscopes (calculations, explanations and graphs) and the statistical study of horoscope databases, with many features. It communicates with you in English, Flemish, French or German and it's easy to use, even for people who have just an elementar knowledge of astrology. Price: 169 €.


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In case of problems, please send me an email (koen@astrovdm.com) and I will send you the installation file.

Required hardware: a PC on which at least Windows95 is running, approx. 30MB free space on the disk, a CD-rom reader. For the html help text, at least Windows 98 is required. A screen resolution of 1000x800 or more is recommended, but not absolutely necessary. It will also run on an Apple (Mac) computer with a Windows emulator.


  • Precise calculations of Sun, Moon, planets, Chiron, the lunar node, Lilith (Black Moon), ascendant, midheaven and other houses (Koch, Placidus, Regiomontanus, equal, Campanus, Porphyrius) between 5000 BC and 3000 AD (ephemerides of Astrodienst Zürich); as well ecliptical longitude as latitude, right ascension and declination, speed and distance from the Earth; distribution of elements, triplicities and hemispheres; all possible aspects (up to 40 definable); two-dimensional angles; midpoints; 10 Arabic points; partner comparison (mutual aspects, 2 composite horoscope versions according to Meyer); prediction techniques (transits, secondary progressions ("1 day = 1 year" system), primary directions according to the true solar arc) for one moment or in a chronological list, finding constellations like solar or lunar returns,...
  • Graphic representations: a clear chart wheel (also harmonics) with aspect grid, transits etc. or partner around the circle (with animation); graphic ephemerides (as well classical as circular; the unique linear representation patented by E.V. Flückiger; also unique: "transit concentration graphs": the addition of complex transit patterns (e.g. your self defined "love graph", "business graph" etc.) and "model graphs" (see further).
  • Horoscope interpretation: very extensive possibilities to define your own delineation rules according to your personal experience, from simple to complex combinations, variables etc., also for transits, etc. Sample interpretation files are included (element distribution, ascendant, planets in signs and houses, aspects; factors based on scientific research; Chiron; all major transit aspects; most important partner aspects; different texts in english, flemish (dutch), german, french and spanish).
  • Database: Paradox tables in which natal, event and relationship data can be stored. Import/export of AAF files. Import of txt tiles with e.g. stock market data.
  • Features that are useful for research: extensive statistical queries are possible (e.g. show all horoscopes that have Venus in fire and ascendant trine or sextiel with Jupiter, or: select all events where Pluto transits the Moon, or: select all man-man relationships having mercury square mercury, etc.), also overviews and comparisons with reference files (that can be generated automatically for natal and event data), study of variables (horoscope properties),...
    UNIQUE: Cycle analysis and empirical models: if you entered property values for a big amount of horoscopes (like e.g. IQ, math grades, number of children, gold price,...) you can study extensively their relationships with astrological cycles, and create mathematical models for them (without having to be a math expert). The applications are numerous: e.g. help in your search for the ideal partner, prediction of stock markets, searching the best period for business/love/... Some sample models (love life and general condition, attraction to other persons) come with the program.
  • Atlas: expandable file of places (>34000) and time regulations; quite complete for W-Europe. Places can be viewed on a map and read from the ACS-atlas (not included).
  • Output: to printer, clipboard, RTF, GIF and bitmap files.

Support: extensive help file, assistance by telephone or e-mail if necessary. We also give astrology courses (at home/by correspondence).

Extensions: new versions come regularly (small update fee). We also have separate modules with extensive interpretation texts written by several authors. Custom made adaptations are also possible.

Satisfied? After transferring 169€ (including 21% Belgian VAT) (or 139.67€ if you live outside the EU) on the following account:
890-7140559-32 (bank: Volksdepositokas, Ghent, Belgium, IBAN BE90 8907 1405 5932, BIC VDSPBE91),
you receive a registration code so you can continue to use the program.

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Registered Radix4 users pay only 25€ (20.66€ outside EU).

You can also come and get it on CD-ROM at our place in Ghent, Belgium (or sometimes in Novi Sad, Serbia) and pay cash, after a phone call or receive the CD at home (add 4€ shipping costs).


VISTA users! Bill Gates seems to assume these days that the average pc users is an imbecil who can't install anything himself. That's why you may get a very obscure error message like: "Network initialization failed. File C:\PDOXUSRS.NET. Permission denied."
Unfortunately I can't change anything about the stupid overprotection of Windows Vista... very annoying! What you can do is this: either login as "Administrator", either you rightclick the Radix-icon, and select "properties". Then click the tab "Compatibility", and check: "Run this program in administrator mode." and click OK. Now everything should work normally...

Updated files for Radix 4 and 5 users:

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